I had such a good time on an impromptu date!
I met a guy that’s handsome and southern on Sunday night. His voice is so raspy and deep, I love it.¬†Actually, I met him on the way to meeting up with friends before the party, and little did I know, he came! We had a great time together, but everyone kept pulling me to the side, asking if he was my man.¬†Handsome rode with me home and paid for my cab, even though he lives in New Jersey; he even asked about my plans for Valentine’s day. I’ll call him Atlanta.
Then last night, I randomly felt like going out to eat, so I texted Atlanta. We had a great time. He is very chivalrous and funny in the nerdy/corny way that I like. His ears stick out in a cute way, but he’d rather hide them under a hat. He said he’s going to make me his woman. Lol

The only red flag I’ve noticed is his relationship with his daughter’s mom. He resents their break up and her pregnancy with another man a month later. (No idea if this is true.) He doesn’t say bad things about her, but its painfully obvious that they don’t get along and he’s holding onto the anger. I hope the situation changes so they can visit each other more often.

Generally I don’t want to date parents, but she is 7, which is preferable than a toddler for me.
The pimp cane has been working for me this week! LOL

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