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idk. As a man, I don’t like it. I love you’s shouldn’t be that easy. They should wrench your gut around until you are bursting with the feeling. And even then, you should show it far before you say it.

HELLO!!! That’s why I’m freaked out. I don’t get it… he doesn’t even know my last name. lol

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Danger. Take your mace.

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Doing the most just to for the chance to change your emotions….desperation is not cute when it is not necessary.

exactly. that makes me think you’re an emotional manipulator.

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Well, if it means anything, I am very proud of you for fighting even when you don’t want to fight. Also, very thankful for you being on tumblr…I’m eating healthier, in-part, because of you posting info about greens.

Wow, thank you so much. Some days I really have to convince myself that I can “do” life and be happy. I’m glad you are eating healthier! I need to eat more greens myself. I can eat baby spinach and broccoli all day, but I haven’t been interested in kale, beans, sprouts, or other relatively healthy foods.

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Understandable. And there probably is a higher occurrence rate with you. It’s an instinctual thing. Look to nature. Especially, when good sense isn’t present.

*sigh* Yeah, that makes sense although it hurts to hear it.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much any of us can do. The city is just as wild as the jungle. I wish I could tell you something nicer. But with or without the disability, people are constantly targeted. The best I can say is do your best to be prepared.

Thank you for your words. It just seems like things happen around/to me pretty frequently.


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all of the pseudo misogynistic responses are easy to read from between two lines. Point is, you never know. Take risks but get that hand bit and think twice. Next time press charges. It’ll stop that silly website. :-) until then look no hands

How did I not see this? I don’t think I’ll ever know, but if I have children, I will be very careful about the images they see and replicate. Social interaction etiquette is far from appropriate. Reflections in our music, television shows, movies and streets are horrid. I feel the need to check my SO on his language frequently. No one has told him that his language can offend.

Aside from that, I don’t think an adult man should ever find it appropriate to graze a woman’s behind. Or remain in her personal space after she asks you to stop. If this happened to a member of his family, what would he say about it? Would he say there was nothing wrong? I’m sure the double standard would apply for him. SMH


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oooh ooooooh I want some. May I have some, please?

You better ask Kimberly! lol