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lol Ain’t nobody got time for all dat! Charcoal… fiyah… :S

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Far shooting mace! I’m saying though.

The boo said he’ll get me some.

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Mace doe, far shooting mace.

LOL I’m going to see if I can get some. Or a taser. 

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You have every right to board the train and ride without being harassed and threatened with bodily harm.

Thank you.

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I love them. I think I’ll have another. LOL


Enjoy your date tomorrow love!

Thank you boo!


I’ve gotten some of this. So many feelings re. privilege. My ex is a med student (& a lawyer before that) & though half-Arab, basically perceived as white/het/able-bodied, & folks treated me & him same way as you & yr beau’ve been treated. Gross.
It is gross. It also saddens me because I wonder what I would have thought two years ago, if I saw someone like me shaking in her seat. I wouldn’t think she were on drugs, but in my head, I would probably pity her.
I never had to worry about missing ramps, or a restroom on another level, or if the lighting in a building  would make me dizzy or nauseous. Privilege really is something else.


Thank you! Also if you are that concerned with messing up your hair don’t lay down. There are plenty of positions that’ll stop you from getting “too” sweaty. Take control of the situation and protect your do!



My boyfriend would rather see me sleeping with a scarf on then mad as hell in the morning when my hairs fucked up.

lol I wouldn’t mind looking cute at night, but I’d rather look cute in the daytime. Plus, the SO won’t be looking at me; won’t their eyes be closed most of the night? lol Have your sexy time, then throw on that bonnet. 


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Your hair is so beautiful! Makes me wish my hair was longer.

Thank you! How long is your hair now? I liked my twists when they were shorter.


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You look so pretty!

Aww thank you


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Don’t beat yourself up about it! I have the same problem. Whenever my parents makes sexist/racist comments I have to bite my tongue—they know it’s wrong and apologize to me but it’s baby steps ya know?

I usually respond to mine about their foolish comments… I’ll get ther, but hopefully not from practice.


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It’s a power thing and it’s completely unacceptable in every situation. But like you said, it would have been embarrassing and disruptive to call him out during prayer and that was probably his intention. You have to assert yourself-It’s the only way

I’m on a mission now. I can’t keep complaining about it on Tumblr and not speaking up. I’m so disappointed in myself.


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I am really sorry this happened to you love. Do you mind if I reblog? I think you touched on some important cultural norms that WOC in particular deal with, i.e Grandfather-esque males getting handsy. Shit’s rude and they should be held accountable.

Sure you can reblog. I want to ‘protect our men’, but I don’t want to coddle  the behavior or accept it. He was very aware of what he was doing too; using the time of prayer was supposed to make it ok to touch me. 


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What an insensitive prick. Did you tell him off?

No. I was too stunned.