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glad you’re doing better and getting out a little. also, pics of the dress when you can:)

Thanks! Ok, I will see if I can get someone that won’t judge me for taking photos. lol

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i wanna see thrift dress!!
Ok, I gotta make this happen then! lol

I’m not poor, I live in ABUNDANCE.

I’m so happy I was able to go thrifting today; mom paid for everything and yesterday’s mantra came to mind: I LIVE IN ABUNDANCE. 

There were many items on Thrift Wish List that I had planed to purchase over the course of the fall, but now I have a huge head start on the items I would like to wear to work. (You know, warm, yet professional, stylishly me, AND comfortable.)

I’m going to have to get a full body mirror and post my thrifting goods as I wear them. Who says disabled girls can’t look fabulous even if they don’t feel well?

Say it with me now, I’m not poor, I live in ABUNDANCE. 

I decided the cane should be in my pictures, too. Why do I always hide it? Hmpf.

Some ‘Black Americana’ figures I saw while thrifting yesterday. :/
A man in the store kept speaking to me so I wouldn’t see them, or any of mammy and pickaninny figures they had on the shelves. He kept hovering over me very oddly. I picked the figures up and asked if I could take a picture.
He said no vehemently.
Why not? They’re in your store, proudly displayed on the shelf for sale. Are you only self-conscious because I’m standing here? 
Obviously, I still took the picture.

Some ‘Black Americana’ figures I saw while thrifting yesterday. :/

A man in the store kept speaking to me so I wouldn’t see them, or any of mammy and pickaninny figures they had on the shelves. He kept hovering over me very oddly. I picked the figures up and asked if I could take a picture.

He said no vehemently.

Why not? They’re in your store, proudly displayed on the shelf for sale. Are you only self-conscious because I’m standing here? 

Obviously, I still took the picture.

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i love value village!

My old apartment was furnished through them *sniffles* And lots of cookware that I still have and use. My cast iron pan = baby daddy lol

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where on long island? *perks up* i have had great luck at beacons closet in brooklyn btw. glad to see you posting about them.
I had to goggle. It’s called SAVERS in NY. It’s the same company. 
West Hempstead #1099

188 Hempstead Turnpike, 
West Hempstead, NY   11552
Phone: (516) 489-1661
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-9, Sun 10-6

Holbrook, NY #1162

7001 Sunrise Highway, 
Holbrook, NY   11741-4808
Phone: (631) 589-4257
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-9, Sun 10-6 


love them! you are a master thrifter

:D Thank you! Brand new sterling silver. Now I have to convince the SO to take photos of me in thrifted clothes…

Back in Maryland, I loved Unique Thrift/Value Village. Too bad we only have that on Long Island.

Elephant Earrings!

Elephant Earrings!

Thrifting in Brooklyn: Beacon’s Closet

Yesterday, my mom, stepfather, and I went thrifting in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was a gorgeous day outside, we wanted to do something together, and I had enough spoons to get out of bed and into the world.

The highlight store on our trip was the infamous Beacon’s Closet.

This store is the sister for the flagship in WIlliamsburg, so the crowd, space, and selection are smaller than the original. However, I was blown away buy the sheer amount of clothing (in excellent to mint condition) on each rack and along the walls.

Beacon’s Closet is more than a thrift store; they are actually a clothing exchange business that buys, sells, and trades vintage and modern clothing and accessories with the public. Beacon’s also has a small accessory line of its own, ranging from hair accessories, to sterling silver earrings, sunglasses, and thread wrapped bracelets. The brands I saw ranged from Forever 21 and H &M (Priced $3 - $15) to Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, and Giuseppe Zanotti (Priced $10 - $45).

I assumed that I would only find items sizes US 0-4, or US size 6 shoes, but I was very wrong. There were many larger sizes, including blouses and skirts in the US 18/20 range that might have stretched to US 26. (My mother is a pus sized woman, (5’11, US 18/20) and walked out with way more items than I did. lol) I found plenty of items in my size, except for slacks and jeans. It is the summer, so I’m sure that means more people are donating more shorts (in psychedelic prints and neon colors)

Luckily, shoppers were considerate of each other by maintaining personal space, using key phrases such as “Excuse me, Pardon, and Thank you,” while keeping the store clean. I had an amazing time, walked out with two mint condition ‘dressy’ dresses ($25), a heavily beaded blouse ($6), and a pair of earrings ($10).

what we do + how we do it

  • we pay the highest percentages of any clothing exchange store
  • we pay 35% cash or 55% store credit of the price tags that we apply to your items
  • you do not wait for your items to sell before you receive your money, you get cash or trade on the spot
  • we buy, sell, and trade vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories, with the public
  • no appointments, just walk in
  • you can choose to watch us buy from you, or drop off and shop or return later for your convenience.
  • we buy according to demand, condition, and inventory levels.
  • we require government issued id to sell.  information is confidential and is never shared with outside parties nor is it ever used for promotional reasons

when to sell + how much to bring

  • we buy 7 days a week, without appointments, up until 1/2 hour before closing
  • we want all of your re-sellable merchandise, however, we encourage no more than 4 large bags

yes we will donate your items

  • items left by customers for drop off must be claimed by the customer before closing the same business day.
  • items not selected for resale will be donated to charity if not picked up by the customer on the same day that they are dropped off.
  • we regret that we cannot store dropped off items for a longer period of time, however, this is due to the large volume of clothing that we receive on a daily basis.
  • all items not selected for resale can be donated to charity as a service to our customers

where the donated merchandise goes

  • currently, our donations are picked up by the following organization(s): dominick’s mobile ministry – a not-for-profit mobile service established in 1995, which distributes customer clothing to the needy, homeless, and to churches throughout new york and pennsylvania.
  • items are both given away directly to individuals, and sometimes sold with a request for donations, to pay for this not-for-profit’s operational expenses. this clothing is distributed through churches and through the mobile unit. any proceeds which this charity collects go toward fulfilling the mission of its own organization. director, joseph dominick.

financial contributions

  • we regularly donate a portion of our profits to the following charities:
  • the national fragile x foundation,
  • brooklyn animal resource coalition, b.a.r.c.
  • unicef
  • doctors without borders
  • poplar springs animal sanctuary

I highly recommend that you go to one of their three locations, or shop their online store.

Park Slope, Brooklyn

92 5th avenue
brooklyn, ny 11217

m-f noon-9pm
s+s 11am-8pm

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

88 n 11th street
brooklyn, ny 11211

m-f 11am-9pm
s+s 11am-8pm 

Union Square, Manhattan

10 w 13th street
new york, ny 10011

m-f 11am-8pm
s+s 11am-8pm

Thrifting Goodies

So I went into the thrift stores with my checklist of Wardrobe Wants (to keep me focused), and for the first time ever, I put things BACK because they weren’t on my list*!

ZARA Plaid Cap-Sleeved Dress (BNWT) $15 - So cute and mod on me.

MERONA A Line Dress with Silver Thread Detail (BNWT) $15

*For some reason I always gravitate to floral blouses; I had 4 in my basket. I have more than enough in my closet already, so they all went back on the racks.

My thrifting adventure with mom was great!

We had so much fun being silly. We wound up going to two Goodwills and met up with Robbie, who was working. I found some goodies, but had to let one dress I REALLY liked stay because it was too big. *sigh*

But I came up with many crafting ideas, a revised approach to my shopping habits, and I’m determined to diligently practice my sewing. I’m especially determined to DIY and thrift my way through life. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have extra fabric for crafts, or I can donate them right back to someone who can werk it. LOL

I only took home two things; Mommy probably had 12 or 15. Typical. I’ll post my goodies soon.

*C’mon Universe! Give me a job so I can go thrifting all of the time! *

Yesterday, I Was a Hippie Teacher

But I forgot to take pictures of my peace sign necklace. 

[Thrifted slacks & belt]

Anonymous asked:
do you only shop at thrift stores?

Not at all. I’m a shopaholic (when I have the funds.) My main trend is to buy clothing on sale - or deeply discounted. I almost never pay full price for clothing.

Extra Info you didn’t ask for;

I’d rather spend a lot of money on experiences (travel, outings with friends, etc.) The memories will last, but my clothes will not.

Thrifting + Polish = Two of my Favorite Things
  • Went thrifting today and found a cashmere turtleneck sweater ($5.99), an oversized hot pink cable knit cardigan ($5.99) and a cute ‘tribal’ tank top ($2.99)
  • Just got in the house, and my free Zoya polishes are here. ($6.95 for the shipping)

I’m so excited for my manicure tomorrow.

And wrapping up in that hot pink cardigan.

New Years Eve Plans

This is my first doing something that does not involve the Twilight Zone marathon, my pajamas, and a glass of wine. LOL So, I’ve decided to be extra festive; I don’t care that people may think I’m being EXTRA.

I’m channelling the Queen Bey in Get Me Bodied for the party. 

Hair and Makeup:

I’ve never worn that much eyeshadow… so I’ll have to default to YouTube for tips. And I won’t do a ponytail- but some other type of pinned up hairstyle.


Gotta love glitter!


Is very similar in shape and cut. I saw it while thrifting and screamed with excitement. I’m more of a gold, than silver person, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. :D In an ideal world, I would nip in the waist and shorten the hem, but I’m not talented like that - YET.


I have no idea. I have a snakeskin purse that I’m sure to use, but jewelry is up in the air right now. I may make something simple, because I want to steal the spotlight with my dress. LOL

What do you think?  Are you doing anything special for NYE?

My Umi is the best! She is my partner for all things thrifted, knitted, stitched, painted, and poetically expressed. She can’t leave the house without men half her age hitting on her. This is her 7th or 8th set of free form locks.

Isn’t she a cutie in her thrifted sequin dress? “It was only seven dollars,” she says. “I couldn’t leave it in the store!”

Happy Belated Birthday Umi!